We are constantly rediscovering why Philadelphia tends to be one of the best kept secrets in this country. We have lived and worked here all our lives, and we, as well as our children, are alumni of the Philadelphia schools. We believe in this city, which is the reason why we started Chilly Philly Ice Cream.

Ice cream? Philadelphia? What's the connection? You may have read that in the past few decades, a number of ice cream companies have left the area, vacating a tradition that made Philadelphia "the ice cream capital of the country*", and leaving a number of people without jobs. We are trying to fill the gap that these companies have left.

Our ice cream is the best Philadelphia style ice cream that Philadelphia has to offer. Our butterfat content and overrun (the amount of air added to the mix) are not too high and not too low. They approach what Baby Bear would have called "just right," or what Aristotle would have called the "golden mean." But now Philadelphians can enjoy the same great ice cream that famous Greek philosophers would have enjoyed if ice cream were invented back then.

There is another important distinction about our ice cream. Unlike most other ice creams on the market, Chilly Philly uses a slow cooking process which, we believe, creates a superior texture and flavor for our product, without the extra fats.

Our office is in the Mt Airy section of the city and the ice cream is manufactured in Royersford, PA. Our intention is for all of the company's profits to go to Philadelphia based services - primarily Philadelphia's schools. Our ice cream is a premium quality product that comes in pints. There are currently two flavors: vanilla, and vanilla malt chip.

We hope that you will try our product. Thank you.

Coleman Poses, President, Chilly Philly

Ilene Blitzstein Poses, Vice President, Chilly Philly

7035 Greene St Philadelphia, PA 19119-3440

Our telephone number is 215-510-1750.

*At one time there were dozens - possibly as many as 50 - ice cream companies operating out of Philadelphia, thereby dubbing the town as the "Ice Cream Capital of the country".

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